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The aviation industry has been continuously at its boom. With more than 5000 flights in the airline business today, it has made traveling quite convenient and on cue as it is still growing. This has also increased the queues at the airport traveling all across the world. Booking tickets, traveling to the airport, overbooked flights, long waiting hours and much more.

Have you ever been in such a situation? If so, what comes to your mind at that time? Probably a wish to own a private jet, isn’t it? But most people think private jets are only for commercial purposes. There are plenty of other misconceptions and myths about private jets among people that need some clarifications.

In general, people believe that private jets are only for the rich people who use them either for business travel or private tours. Again, compared to the commercial flights, private jets are said to be the less secure option for traveling. But before you draw such conclusion, here are some facts that would help you understand why private jets are one of the safer options for flying without hassle.

●     Safety Over Price

The commercial flights are known to fill up the seats in the plane to be able to reach their profit margins. The constant wear and tear of the seats by ever-changing passengers in the commercial flights can often lead to inconvenience for the travelers as well as the staff. While the private jets don’t run after filling the seats of the craft, this also allows them an opportunity to concentrate better on the safety of passengers reducing the chances of wear and tear on the aircraft.

●     Serious Safety Checks

Yes, as the private jets are hired or owned by big names, they are always checked out for safety under strict measures. The private jet companies would look for specialized organizations who work on providing with advanced safety features in the planes. The charters are well equipped and often undergoes the quality check for safety measures.

Private Jet SafetyThe safety drill includes a strict checking of the crew members, plan specifications, drug testing, alcohol testing, pilot record disclosure, and much more. All this is done with the help of professionals with advanced metrics and equipment. The companies like Jet Suite, BlackJet and NetJets have certified aircrafts registered with the reputed authorities within the Aviation industry. Hence, you can be assured of your utmost safety while flying in a private charter.

●     Under the Media Scrutiny

Private jets are usually booked by public figures, and the media is always ready to capture these moments for their news coverage. Hence, traveling by private jets would also include the involvement of media which would result in sensationalizing the event if anything goes wrong. It is also widely observed that the most of the air fatalities have taken place in commercial flights and not the private jets because these planes adhere to the complete security as they are under the serious observation from various high authorities and news agencies.

However, it would help if you do all the necessary research about charter companies before finalizing your plane. Most of the private charters have rigorous standards for safety, and after all, flying is one of the most convenient and safest methods to travel.

●     No Weather Hurdles

How many of you have experienced cancelation of flights or delay due to unfavorable weather? Majority of flyers has faced it at least once in their lifetime. At times it has also happened that due to bad weather conditions, the commercial flights have landed in the middle of their journey due to the emergency. The reason behind such emergency landings is the incapability of the commercial flights to deal with uncertain weather situations and after all safety of passengers is the first priority for every airline.

To your surprise, the private jets are fully equipped in dealing with bad weather conditions. The private jets are allowed to land at several airports and not confined to standard airports like commercial flights. The private charters can also change their traveling routes for safety purposes without much inconvenience.

Hence, instead of flying during the bad weather conditions, the private jets can land on any nearest available small airport that reduces the chances of any major accidents in the scary weather conditions. Some of the private jets can also fly above 51000 feet which helps in reducing the impact of weather conditions for getting to the destination on time.

●     Quick and Smooth Flying Experience

Traveling in the commercial flights involves reaching the airport on time, waiting for the flight in the waiting area, walking long ways to board your flight, queues, chaos and what not.  Private jets not only offer quick boarding and getting off, but they also fly faster as compared to the standard airline. The fastest passenger aircraft in the sky are private planes.

As mentioned earlier, the jets can also fly over the clouds that can cut down the time instead of navigating in the bad weather. The ability of private charter planes to land on smaller and more airports can save a lot of your travel time.

Save your time by reach straight to your destination in a private jet than boarding a cab or taking public transportation to reach your final destination. They are similar to the door to door services that help you reach your destination on time.

Private jets are not only related to luxury, but they tend to increase the security levels. They are also opted as the best during the time of emergencies to avoid uncertain bookings. Hence, private jets are no more related to impressing clients, going on private vacations, or being a public figure. All it is concerned about is investing in secure traveling.

Rent a Charter for Safe, Efficient and Peaceful Travel

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