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Is music your passion? Is it something you wish to learn and perfect overtime? Well, it is very possible all you need to do is put in the work and you will surely get your desired results. Music is not necessarily something we are born with but something we learn. It is a craft that can be learned by anyone with the interest and necessary tools required.

7 ways in which you can improve your music

1. Set your goals

You have to sit back and ask yourself what exactly you want to accomplish. Give this a set date and come up with ideas on how you are going to get to where you want to be. Ideally, these goals should be divided into long-term, medium-term and short-term goals to ensure that when you get there you have the motivation to keep on going. You should also make sure to set realistic targets to avoid any disappointments that may discourage your pursuit.

2. Develop a practice schedule

Now that you have your goals and have already determined what you need to do to get to them, try to work out a schedule that works for you. To get to your goal you need to not only work extra hard but also work smart. Take time to master that which is proving to be a problem for you before you get to other things. Also remember to get some rest, if not you will be undoing all the work you are doing to improve your musical skills.

You cannot be Mariah Carey in a day3. Challenge yourself

Step out of your comfort zone and learn something new. You could enroll in an instruments class and get to play an instrument of your choice or book singing lessons and get to work on your vocals. These will help you engage your brain and be more creative with your music. You might even find something that you really enjoy and eventually incorporate it in your day to day life.

Try your best to learn something new in your field at least each month. You could learn the theory and history of music to get a better understanding of music. Learn how to sight read and maybe play an instrument or sing a song after you have mastered the skill.

4. Perform for an audience

With all the practice you put in to get better, it is time for you to be heard by other people. It is hard to put yourself out there to be judged by others but you have to remember that you are refining your skills to make better music for the people. Playing in a small gathering will help you gain feedback from your audience on what you still need to work on.

You could also take part in competitions where there are judges who will sit you down and work with you on your problem areas. Performing is also a full proof way of overcoming any stage fright you may have. Staying away from the stage won’t make your fears disappear, however, constant performance will be more rewarding and addictive. You will find yourself so used to performing on stage that you wouldn’t want to quit.

5. Mentorship

It is without a doubt that so many other people have been through this stage where they were trying to refine their craft. Getting to talk to someone who has done this and made it is a good step. You get to learn from the mistake they have made during their journey and avoid them.

By following musicians who have made it or are where you wish to be in your career is the best way to assess what their music is about and how they perform. This will help you determine what your target audience is interested in and work towards achieving your goals.

6. Keep it fun

It is not all about learning about the chords and all the important but yet boring staff, you also need to keep it interesting. Take some time out and play your favorite song or learn a new exercise for the instrument you are currently playing. You could even record a song on your phone and send it to your loved ones. This will definitely make their day and you will, in turn, get some feedback.

Listening to your coach7. Be patient and open minded

Not everything will fall into place you have to accept the fact that you may not always get to your goal on time. Be patient and don’t give up continue to pursue your quest for better musical skills and with time you will get there.

When you are given feedback about your music it will not always be positive. Some will find faults while others will not. All you have to do is take it all in and see to it that you improve on the areas you have been told. However, there are those people who just criticize out of jealousy and you have to realize that they exist. Do not overreact when someone diminishes the work you have done, just walk away and continue doing your best towards your dream.

You should also allow yourself to experiment with different things. Just because you have been playing the guitar does not mean you should not also play the piano. Learn different musical genres and experiment with a variety of songs. You may find that you have developed an interest in something different and maybe better for you.

Practice to Get There

Music is a skill that can easily be learned all you need is to practice and work hard towards fulfilling your goals and you will get there. Having time set aside for developing your skills is very important. We all know that if you fail to plan you plan to fail, without a set time and strategy you will find that your day goes by so fast that you do not even realize it. Don’t allow yourself to waste time when you could be perfecting your skills. Always set realistic targets and once you meet them you get a boost to want to continue working even harder.



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