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Skydiving is an adventure sport that most of the individuals are terrified to get involved. Jumping from thousands of feet is not a child’s play. People’s “to do list” have skydiving only for adventure. It is not as easy as riding an elephant or rowing boat in a high stream in a river rafting. It needs ample of courage and determination to skydive.

For those who are terrified of jumping and have the determination to give a shot to skydiving, there are many options to go skydiving without fear. Never doing something in life always adds a little inhibition in your decision. But once you have determined, you have chances of being a successful skydiver.

Tandem Skydiving for First-TimersMany small decisions will build up to one primary determination of jumping for the first time. One such choice is to board the first plane if there is an option of two. Secondly, try to go for the jump first when you are in the midst of the sky. Don’t be the last one left on the plane.

  • Well informed decision

Skydiving is an expensive sport so, making your mind for this sport should be strict. You can not back out after wearing the jumpsuit and being boarded on the plane. It will be unfunctional as well as an embarrassing act.

It is advisable to be committed with most of the soul for a decision which is a matter of enjoyment and challenging as well. It is an opportunity which doesn’t come daily. It takes a lot of licenses and fee deposit to take up this challenge. So, don’t hesitate to prepare well in advance.

  • Go in a group

There is also a group booking for more enjoyment. The more people to share your skydiving experience, the better. It is easier to convince yourself for a jump when you are surrounded by a number of people. It simply means you cannot quit, and the peer pressure makes you ready for the jump.

With a lot of people from different work zones, there are multiple experiences to share and many stories to build. There are fewer reasons to get freaked out when all the people present in the group share the same situation with enthusiasm.

There are three ways a newbie can do skydiving:

  1.    Attached to a professional skydiver

This sky diving is called tandem skydiving, where you are paired up with a professional instructor. This way, you have less inhibition to jump, and there is less fear of landing also. The entire process is finished in just a half day with tandem skydiving.

Consult your professional skydiver in checking your skydiving gear before going for first test dive. The instructor gives brief information about the equipment, and you are satisfied that if anything goes wrong, you have the support of the instructor.

  1.    AFF skydiving

This skydiving is accompanied by two people. Two professionals accompany an amateur skydiver, and he wears his own parachute. This AFF means accelerated free fall where the skydiver jumps with two more fellows and then learns the nuances of the skydiving while taking the adventure himself.

It is a course which involves certain time and money, but it will surely take your fear out of the sport.

  1.    Solo skydiving

This is the hardest type of skydiving. It is just your own preparation that will help you in skydiving. Just having a moderate breakfast, a good night sleep and calming your nerves will make the skydive a memorable one.

Some precautions that are required to be taken while going for skydiving:

  • Dressing appropriately for the jump is a must. There are jumpsuits specially designed for skydiving. So, it is advisable to wear the parachute harness over the jumpsuit and make your move like a pro. Also, avoid any clothing which has metal ornaments or strings attached to it. It is not safe to wear something that entangles in your head or hair due to high wind pressure.
  • High calorie food like pizzaEat a little nutritious food before taking the plane. It will make you less nervous. An empty stomach will drench your blood sugar level, and you will feel lethargic and uncomfortable. There are many healthy diet options like a fruit smoothie or pulp juice to fulfill your stomach. Some healthy snacks can also be nibbled to save your day.
  • Never drink and dive. A person should refrain from consuming alcohol as it may make you a defaulter. The skydiving facilities don’t allow a person who has done drugs or alcohol to take part in sports. If anyhow, you can fool the authorities, it is not safe to jump from thousands of feet without being completely conscious of your surroundings. It is risky for you and others who are your crew members.
  • Do not look down from the plane if jumping was a hard decision for you. It will increase your odds of jumping. You do not want to stop taking the step of the lifetime just by looking down for a flash. So, overcome your cowardice and stare at the horizon when you reach the door of the plane.
  • Get acquainted with the drop zone before starting the sky diving trip. Knowing the location of the restrooms & the first aid kit are most important. The place where your family will wave at you will let you know where to look out for your near and dear ones.

The resolution of the drop zone will become more apparent as you free fall towards the ground. The ground will look like a beautiful map with hues of colors scattered. It will be a memorable and thrilling experience of a lifetime.

It is advisable to go for a camera attached on the helmet to have a magical moment captured for the lifetime and to share it with your family and friends. Get the video and the clicks saved for your future.

So, the first timers, shove away your fears and go for skydiving. It is an exciting gateway to your courage.


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